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  1. Can i do yoga as well as your videos daily? I like doing yoga as well as your videos. Morning yoga and in evening FB videos. Is this too much exercising?

  2. Благодарю Вас! Тренировка супер!!!!!!! Сегодня у меня отдых.. а вот завтра обязательно попробую по вашей методике)))))))))Мышцы нужно удивлять .. как говорит тоже первоклассный тренер Анна!!!!!!!!!! Спасибо!!!!!!!

  3. Well, hello, I'm 17 years old and I want to get taller but I'm not sure I can get taller from now but maybe I can make it easier with workouts? (as some doctors say) but I'm not sure which workouts I should do, can you please help me?

  4. I did this workout twice plus your 37 minute fat burning cardio routine with some modifications… you both are awesome. I really love these videos! I've been re-introducing HIIT, tabata and strength after a 30-day running challenge and this is the best program I've seen. Thank you so much!

  5. I have been doing a combination your cardio and strength training workouts i have almost reached a desired weight but m confused how to maintain my weight since working out six days a week is getting really hard because of my busy schedule. Is it okay if i just do short workouts like this one?? Need help..

  6. I. CAN'T. BREATHE!! Yoooo!!!! This was brutal. Only 8 minutes but man, it kicked my ass. I didn't feel like working out today. Was supposed to do 47 minutes lower body workout. Instead, I decided to do a shorter workout so that I feel like I still did something. This was it, short but packed a punch.

    Workout complete 09.01.2018 – 4.58am #FBMass replacement.


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