Training Secret to Building a Bigger Chest Fast (Big Brandon Carter)


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Training Secret to Building a Bigger Chest Fast
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  1. you need to do a video for people about developing a mind muscle connection. most of the time peoples chest don't grow because they're not triggering enough of a neurological pattern overlay. typically people have that pattern overload associated with their delts and often lead to muscle imbalances. you're smart about choosing to not do any front delt work. I do the same thing as well

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  3. Thanks BBC. I just starting working out again and i've always had a big chest naturally but I've noticed my shoulders and arms are getting worked a lot more than my chest. And now I know why. I always do bench press then flys and now that I think about it you're exactly correct. I can't do nearly as many flys because my arms and shoulders just get tired by then. Thanks again!!

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  5. Not sure I completely understand this – why would you pre-exhaust your chest and not your triceps/delts? If you pre-exhausted the latter two before benching, for example, then wouldn't you have to rely more on chest activation during a subsequent bench/db press? (which is what you want to target chest growth?)

  6. but if you pre exhaust the tri's and then do bench, won't that make it harder(better) for the chest because the tri is fatigued so it cannot support as much so the peck will have to compensate for the lack of tricep involvement? that's what i thought, it makes sense to me.

    if the chest is pre exhausted then wont that mean the anterior delt and the tri will have to work harder because the chest cannot?

  7. .i have no real knowledge of these stuff,but i translate that, what your saying is if im a guy that does push ups only i need to like do more till i feel my chest getting the pain,which means my triceps and the other muscle will be tired therefore working my chest or something else…

  8. Thanks for this. Even though it's Thursday and not Monday.. Today's the day I'm going to start your workout plan. Can't wait to see the results. Your advice seems to make the most sense to what I'd like to do for a workout in the 5 day a week routine you laid out in another video

  9. Simple reminder, when you're doing chest workouts you have to remember to SQUEEZE the bar or Dumbbells. And also, wtf is with how these videos are becoming, dudes are becoming gay and I think love seeing themselves on camera and just blabbing on about bullshit instead of giving useful information.

  10. For those asking why you wouldn't simply hit triceps first, I would simply ask them to pre-exhaust your triceps with tricep dips and then use bench for chest and see if you feel like you've had a nice chest workout. I guarantee you will hit failure long before you feel anything significant in your chest. The reason is you can't just force your chest to contribute more work to the motion than a very limited amount. The only way to hit chest using bench is to do a nice chunk of reps because the chest is working such a small amount with each rep compared to the delts, triceps and biceps, so you have to do a lot of them to get the chest a good workout. But it's hard to do a lot of reps because the tri's and deltas combined might fail before the chest because they're contributing much more work per rep. So a good way to get the chest to go to failure too is pre-exhaust. You can certainly try to pre-exhaust tri's first, but you always fail before getting any real work done on chest.Anyone doing this should stop immediately if really want to build chest.

  11. Hey Brandon,i really liked your video. Can you suggest me a method for building bone density of my arms. I also want to improve my bone density of my whole body which i feel is a bit less. So building only muscles wont help, i will have to build bones also. Are there specific methods of building bones too?

  12. My upper chest is the only thing ion wasn't born with naturally everything else is ok once I give a little effort.. My question is can I do a massive chest day ever other day I understand the muscles need recovery but is every other day long enough

  13. lol 15 year old here been working out my body is pretty good but damn, man started watching your videos 30 mins ago I can tell you IMA start watching them from now on thanks you deserve more subscribers lol its funny how you say that stuff in a few minutes but your actually changing peoples life with this lol thanks man

  14. Brandon carter. I do 5 sets each workout….flat bench press. incline bench press. flat, incline, decline dumbell press. dips. dumbell flies. middle, and incline flies on mechine.. is that good enough to build a good chest. and I only workout chest 1 time a week. I'm 15 almost 16.


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