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We’ve teamed up with health and fitness YouTubers John Chapman and Leon Bustin – AKA The Lean Machines – to bring you this fantastic smoothie recipe to drink after a workout. It’s packed full of ingredients to help your body recover after a workout – and because you’ve made it yourself, you know it’s fresh with no added artificial nasties!

The Post-Workout Refuelling Smoothie contains oranges, flaked almonds, sweet potato, coconut water, apple, chia seeds and lemon. Blend it all up, serve it chilled and you’ll be refuelled in no time!

Give this tasty smoothie a go and let us know what you think of it.

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Have fun and please drink responsibly.


  1. you really think one tablespoon of chia seed and a few almonds bring enough protein after a workout?!
    also you need short-chained carbohydrates, like sugar. not the complex one from sweet potato.
    and from fructose your body produces not enough insulin to protect your muscles.

    so all in all this is the worst post workout shake i have seen in a while

  2. I just made this smoothie and OMG….delicious! I put the juice of one whole lemon, I like the kick,and for you guys who's thinking the sweet potato will ruin your smoothie, forget it! You can't even taste it! All I tasted was the fruits 😉 awesome you guys! Just a question, how long can I keep it in the fridge?

  3. oh the Smoothies am looking for my post work out to give my stomach on the way home before a lunch.. but u should make a video dessert or snack for post work out..( small grab in my bag ) because my home to the gym take time about a half hour so stomach some time need for some things appetizer ..!


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