Should you drink chocolate milk after a workout?


Should you drink chocolate milk after a workout? … it depends


  1. I'm a strong believer in whey protein if youre working out hard hard core, but I also drink chocolate milk too not a lot of I'll buy like a half gallon and like after the gym I'll take my protein shake and when get home have a little less then half a cup of chocolate milk and I feel amazing, one summer I worked a hard labor job too and one day after work I felt just out of It so I drank some and man I could really feel so I drank every day. youre not gonna get huge off it  but as for a recovery and helping with cramps and keeping you from stiffening up ya its great.  dnt get me wrong if chocolate milk was the answer for big muscle growth hell ya its ten times cheaper drink it like a protein shake and you'll get fat as fuck


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