CASSANDRA MARTIN – Fitness Model: Arms, Back and Chest Workouts for Women @ USA


See how to get a perky chest, strong back, sexy arms and banish that bra bulge with these arms, back and chest workouts for women.

Learn the best back, arm and chest exercises for beginner level all the way up to advanced.

Targeting your chest, arms and back is easy with exercises that require these muscle groups to activate simultaneously.

Ejercicios de brazos, hombros, pecho y espalda para las mujeres que desarrollan y definen la parte superior del cuerpo.

Exercices pour les bras, Épaules, la poitrine et le dos pour les femmes à développer et à définir le haut du corps.


Упражнения для рук, Плечи, грудь и обратно для женщин, чтобы разработать и определить верхнюю часть тела.

Übungen für Arme, Schultern, Brust und Rücken für Frauen um den Oberkörper zu entwickeln und zu definieren.

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  1. Damn she's doing a lot of jerking around and momentum just to get the weights up.. Her reps are also fast as hell.. But she has obvious gains to back it up. I guess that's proof that there's two schools of thought and both might work for different people

  2. I love muscles. I love the look of muscles. Nicely defined and very sexy muscles ON MEN. Why would you want to work so hard to get these muscles. Girls, concentrate on a nicely defined slim body. Toned and slim is very sexy. Don't try to be a man.

  3. Funny how on female lifter video's theres always clowns talking about "Oh her form is shit she's probably on roids". As if they're professionals. Same guys are probably sitting in their moms basement eating Cheetos's & fat as fuck. Look she lifts (probably more than you), she's hot & she can build a freakin house.


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