Freeletics Transformation: Week 1 || Pre-Workout and Recovery Drinks


Going over and reviewing Freeletics Week #1. Also, I get to show you guys a great way to get pumped up to workout!

N.O. Explode is available here!

Preformix ISO SYM:


  1. hey for pre workout you should try this one called Nitro Extreme! Its way better than anything I have tried before PLUS its all natural, my friend sold it to me and it was so awesome! lemme know if you wanna try it out and I can send you the link!

  2. keto is great for weightloss but you dont have to go carb free too lose weight ultimately you must expend more energy then you take in too lose the fat, many people make the mistake of thinking in order to lose weight you cant have any carbs its simply no true


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