Leg Workout: 4 Best Leg Press Exercises


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One of the most popular machines at the gym is the leg press and although I always put free weights first, I do like to work legs with it. That said, leg press does get redundant after a while, so to keep things interesting I came up with this intense leg press circuit you can do at the end of your leg workout.
Today, we will be focusing on time-under-tension or TUT, which is a way to work your muscles without limiting yourself with reps and instead concentrating on keeping muscles working for longer. This provides for a nice calorie expenditure, due to less rest between reps.
For this workout, try to do all of the exercises back to back (you will need to change the weight for all of them probably, so do it very quick!). During the single leg exercises, start with your weaker side and count the reps, so that you do exact amount of reps on the other side and don’t develop any imbalances.
The main point during the timed sets, is that you don’t stop until the time runs out – so for the entire length of the 45s, you will be pushing through the burn, sweat and tears until you are done!
All of the exercises will work your legs, but they will do so slightly differently. For example, the wide stance leg press will hit more of your hamstrings and glutes, while the narrow stance leg press will hit mostly quads.
Try this circuit for 3 sets, with just one 1min break and post your results!
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