WHAT I EAT IN A DAY – Healthy Gym Day: Dietitian Eats


I try to keep my meals simple, fast, healthy and of course tasty. So if you want to get some healthy meal ideas for breakfast, lunch dinner or snacks keep on watching!


I started my morning with a cottage cheese bowl, I like the contrast of salty cottage cheese with sweet fruit, rich nut butters and crunchy granola. This gives me a nice balanced meal with protein, fibre, carbs and fat to keep me full for hours.

Then I went to the gym for about 40 minutes. I rarely make myself a post workout snack because my workouts aren’t long or hard enough to warrant one, I am able to refuel during my next meal.

Lunch I made a quick salad with homemade dressing. I typically make dressing with 2 parts olive oil to 1 part acid since I really enjoy sour dressings (on this day I used a red wine vinegar). One of my life hacks is to cut up several onions in one sitting that way I don’t have to cry and chop up onions each and every day. Then I threw together a nutrient rich open faced sandwich with fresh dill, some olive oil, red wine vinegar again and canned salmon. If you are always using tuna, switch things up once in a while and buy canned salmon with the bone in (yes eat the bones). You get a huge boost in omega 3 EFA: EPA and DHA as well as vitamin D and calcium when you make this swap. I like to use Silver Hills bread for my sandwiches because they generally have a low glycemic index.

For snack I had something very similar to breakfast except I used plain yogurt in place of cottage cheese.

Dinner is one of our staple meal templates: some sort of protein source like chicken in this case, frozen vegetables and some carbs like potatoes, rice or pasta.


Hi I’m Rebecca, an anti-diet Dietitian and cat lady.

I believe that to help people make real, lasting changes to improve their health, food should be enjoyed and nutrition should be made approachable.


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Disclaimer: This content is meant as informational only and should not be used to replace the specific advice given to you by your doctor or personal dietitian. For any personal health related concern or questions please contact your primary care provider and personal dietitian. The subject matter shared in this video is for entertaining use only and is not intended to diagnose or treat anyone. Furthermore please note that I am not a spokesperson for Dietitians of Canada. If you are looking for precise, professional information on the dietetics profession please visit: www.eatright.org, or https://www.dietitians.ca



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