What exercises I can do month post breast augmentation: leg exercises, Breaking the Fast


First official leg workout since my operation. 1 month post surgery update

Workout in video:
3-4 sets:

Elevated dumbbell box lunges
Lateral slider kettlebell lunges
x20 each leg

Barbell lunge to squat
x10 across room 10 back

Slider lunges
x20 ea leg

Kettlebell frog pumps
x25-30 (10 second hold at last rep)

3 sets
Single leg leg press
Donkey kickbacks on lying leg curl
x20/15/10 (increase weight each set)
x15/12/10 (increase weight each set)

🔊🎼 Migos: Stir Fry
Demi Lovato/Fonsi: Echa me la culpa


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