Pre & Post Workout Drink Recipe | How to make Healthy Pre-post Workout Drink |Weight Loss | In Hindi


My pre and post workout drink recipes. An amazing pre-workout drink to help you stay hydrated and energised through your workout. A very healthy post workout recovery drink to help you replenish lost electrolytes and amino acids and to prepare you for the rest of the day.

1. Pre- workout Drink :-
1 cup watermelon
1 cup cucumber
1.5 tsp mint power
1 small lemon (juice)
Pink salt to taste

How to make pre-workout drink for weight loss.
In a blender add the chopped water melon and cucumber…blend nicely. Add the rest of the ingredients and blend again for few seconds …your healthy pre-workout drink is ready to be consumed.

2. Post-workout Recovery/energy drink

1 small banana
3/4 tbsp chia seeds
1 tbsp peanut butter
1 cup low fat Curd
Some desiccated coconut
1 tsp unsweetened chocolate powder

How to make post workout drink to lose weight:-

In a blender add all the ingredients except Curd (just add a tsp or two)..once blended nicely add the rest of the Curd and some water. Blend again. Your post workout drink is ready.

( to convert it into a breakfast smoothie just add 2 tbsp of roasted quick oats with all the ingredients)

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  1. Hii … can u talk about meal prep … like I m always so skeptical to whether we can pre cut veggies n keep in fridge or not … are they going to lose its nutrition ? Specially garlic , ginger , tomato and potato … does they go bad ? Plz cover the topic


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